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LEBO the Abstract Artist

David “LEBO” Le Batard is a Cuban American artist widely recognized for working in a wide spectrum of creative medium including murals, paintings and sculptures.   The innovator of Postmodern Cartoon Expressionism, a movement that applied cartoon imagery and combined it with richly saturated balances of color, unique linear composition and ranging from the abstract to the highly narrative inspiring emotion and creating layers of meaning.

My aim in creating is to explore the purest, most spiritual elements of the arts and sciences (from astronomy to history, from music to physics) and to interpret them through the language of cartoons, giving them a unique and vibrant voice. After all, cartoons are a primordial form of expression that have always combined images in order to tell stories. We have only to think of rock paintings, hieroglyphics or religious iconography for our proof. In reality, even when we look at Picasso’s work after 1905, it all becomes very hard edged yet organic. The very essence of cartooning.ʼ – David ‘LEBO’ Le Batard

LEBO is more than an abstract artist and mural painter.  He is a storyteller, a draftsman, and colorist who used the iconographic and emblematic power that exist in cartoons to create a graphic language that continually evolves in all applications of his art.  Read more about the Young Life of this amazing artist.

Lebo Live Performance At The Stage Miami